Turquoise vs Teal [Are they SAME?]

Turquoise and teal are often misunderstood as the same color and used interchangeably. It is difficult to differentiate between the two tertiary colors but with careful insights, you can see clearly between both colors. For example, Turquoise comes from a blue-green cyan origin. As its name suggests, it comes from a gemstone.

On the other, when we consider teal green vs turquoise, Teal has a strong greenish-blue color which moves slightly towards green. Teal is widely used in fashion and home décor. It is applied in logos and branding. Furthermore, Teal usually is known to represent nature, calmness, peace of mind, tranquility, and optimism.

It is a very important color that shows the beauty of both blue and green. Meanwhile, turquoise as it similar to its gemstone origin is famous for spreading positivity, uplifting energy, and good vibes. To understand which color is better you have to rely upon your personal choices.

Key Differences Simplified

We differentiate teal as having a greater proportion of blue than green, however, turquoise has a green hue with a slight touch of yellow. In addition to this, both of these colors have different hex codes and RGB values.

Teal has Hex code: #008080 and RGB values: 0, 128, 128. Meanwhile Turquoise has Hex code: #40E0D0 and RGB values: 64, 224, 208. After finding out these differences if we consider that teal and turquoise go together, then the answer is no.


Teal Turquoise
Gender: NeutralGender: Female
Teal symbolizes, clarity of mind, and rejuvenation.Turquoise symbolizes  positive energy, wisdom, good vibes, and freshness.

Usage Examples

  • Objects such as jewelry and ornaments are made from Turquoise material.
  • The color is commonly used in industries related to electronics, entertainment, and creativity, as well as in children’s clothing when it is used in softer and brighter tones.

What is teal more blue or green technically speaking?

Technically speaking the answer to Teal is more blue or green is that teal is deeply blue-green. It is named after the colorful area around the bird teal’s eye. Teal symbolizes qualities from both green and blue that is calmness and clarity.

What is turquoise blue or green at the most?

Turquoise is positioned between green and blue in the wheel color. It is a mixture of blue-green with a small hint of yellow. It has the hex code #30D5C8

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Can turquoise considered to be a girly color?

Yes, turquoise is considered to be a girly color. And it is greatly seen as feminine. Because the primary color blue and dark blue color resemble this color.

Turquoise color is closest to what other color?

Turquoise ends up between blue and green on the color wheel, hence turquoise shades can range from the primary color blue to the primary color green. You can get new color textures by varying the amounts of blue and green you use to get different shades.

What is the rare teal color known?

Atrovirens is a trendy deep teal color. Which means “dark green” in Latin. Further, it is symbolized by a pyramid-shaped conifer that has glossy foliage spread on it.

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