Ivory vs Cream [Which is Better?]

The colors ivory and cream have a similar appearance. These colors share similarities. But there are subtle differences between the two. Ivory is a white color with a little hint of beige or yellow. It gets its name from the color of natural ivory, which comes from the tusks and teeth of animals like elephants. Ivory is frequently linked to class, wealth, and a cozy, nostalgic look.

The cream is another off-white color. But it has a softer and warmer tone compared to ivory. The cream is created by adding a hint of yellow to white. That gives it a warmer and richer appearance. It is frequently referred to as being buttery-pale or light yellowish-white. The cream is commonly used in fashion, home decor, and art to create a soft, inviting atmosphere. Top of Form

Cream and ivory can go well together and create a soft and elegant look when used together in decorations or outfits. Regarding the foundation for the face, ivory and beige are different shades. The warmer undertone of ivory makes it different from the beige foundation. And beige is more neutral. Ivory foundation is lighter and has more of a yellowish tone. In comparison, beige is a bit darker and has more of a pinkish tone.

In clothes, the cream is more of a warm, off-white color. It has a tinge of yellow and is similar to a soft white. In the paper, ivory and cream are also a little different. Ivory paper has a warmer, yellowish-white tone. The cream paper is a bit lighter and closer to a pale-yellow color. Ivory and cream wedding dresses are pretty similar. They both have a soft, elegant look. But ivory tends to have a bit more yellowish tint than cream.

Key Differences Simplified

Ivory: The major difference between ivory and cream is the color tone. Ivory is a light color with a bit of yellow or brown, like the color of an elephant’s tusk.

Cream: Cream is also a light color. But it is softer and lighter than ivory, like the color of milk or a fluffy cloud. While both colors are light, ivory has a warmer undertone than cream.


Ivory is a natural color. The name "ivory" comes from the material called ivory, which is a complex, creamy-white substance. Ivory color gets its name from the color of elephant tusks, which are light yellowish-brown.The cream is a natural color. That has been named on its resemblance to the color of dairy cream. The term "cream" to describe this color has been used for many years.
Ivory is a pale, off-white, or creamy color that resembles the color of elephant ivory. A precious material, ivory is highly valued. Elegance, purity, and sophistication are frequently connected to it.It is a delicate, light color called cream. That is frequently described as being a light, off-white color. It has a delicate, relaxing shade. That is associated with purity and peace. The cream color is used in various things like clothes, paint, or even the petals of some flowers.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1: People use these colors to make jewelry, carvings, and piano keys. For ages, beautiful sculptures, jewelry, and other decorative things have been made from ivory. Settings in ivory and cream tones give the home a delicate and elegant feel. It brings a sense of warmth and luxury to your living space.
  • Example 2: For a wedding reception, arrangements in shades of ivory and cream create a beautiful and classic feel. Ivory-colored dresses or cream-colored suits are often chosen for special occasions because they give a sophisticated and classy look. Cream-colored foundations and powders are famous for achieving a natural and soft complexion.

Is ivory the same as cream?

No, ivory and cream are not the same; they look similar because they are light colors. But there are slight differences between them. Ivory is a light color with a slightly yellow or brownish tint, resembling the color of elephant tusks.

It has a warmer undertone compared to cream. The cream color is a soft and light shade of white. It has a shade much like to milk or the center of a coconut. It is a lighter and cooler color compared to ivory.

Which color is darker, cream or ivory?

Ivory is darker than cream. A variation of white is ivory. That has a slightly yellower, warmer tone. The color is frequently described as being light or pale yellowish-white. In contrast, the cream is a lighter shade with a softer, off-white appearance. It has a hint of yellow or beige but is lighter and closer to pure white than ivory. Therefore, ivory is darker than cream in contrast.

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What color is ivory cream?

Ivory cream is not a specific color. Ivory and cream are separate colors with their characteristics. Ivory is a light color with a slight yellow or brownish tint. The cream color is a soft and light shade of white. if the phrase “ivory cream” is employed. It could refer to a color that falls somewhere between ivory and cream. But it is not a standardized or universally recognized color.

Which is white, ivory, or cream?

Ivory is considered to be closer to white compared to cream. Both ivory and cream are light colors. Ivory has a slightly warmer undertone and can appear creamy white. The cream is a lighter and softer shade of white. Pale yellowish-white is a common description of its color. Therefore, ivory is considered to be closer to white than cream.

Which color is cream color?

It is described as an off-white or a very light yellowish-white color. Cream resembles the color of milk or the inside of a coconut. It is a delicate and light color. That makes things more inviting and elegant. It is an adaptable and classic color. This can be applied in a variety of settings to produce a refined and delicate appearance.

What color is close to ivory?

A color that is close to ivory is off-white. Off-white is a category of colors. That includes shades similar to ivory, such as cream, eggshell, and beige. These colors share a similar lightness and warmth, with subtle variations in undertones. A slight yellow or brown shade might be seen in ivory. Off-white colors generally refer to any shade that is not pure, bright white.

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