Navy Blue vs Royal Blue [Helpful Examples]

There is an abundance of colors in this world that make it gorgeous. Colors attach charm to this world. The blue color is often related to the sky and the ocean. It has a variety of shades, when we talk about Royal blue, it is a Bright blue shade in the blue color. It is a symbol of Superiority. It was introduced first during a competition in 1810-1820 to make a dress for Queen Charlotte.

If we discuss its types, there is one called Queen Blue and the other is Imperial Blue. It has a high intensity. The HEX code of royal blue is #4169E1. In short, people prefer to use it during parties and celebrations.

On the other hand, if we seem at navy blue, it is also a dark shade that gives off a feeling of darkness and blackness within the blue color. It was made up in 1748 purposely for British officers and there is no other edition of navy blue. The color code of navy blue is #000080. It is a sign of unity, stability, and confidence.

Key Differences Simplified

Royal Blue: The main dissimilarity gives in brightness. Royal blue indicates a lighter shade of blue. One more difference is that royal blue is often worn during celebrations or functions. Royal blue is not as normally used worldwide.

Navy Blue: It is normally used as a uniform by superior officers or those in positions of authority. Navy blue gives the darkest shade of blue. Navy blue is widely recognized and remains in style across the world.


Royal blueNavy Blue
This color is frequently used by members of the royal family or for wedding dresses.This color is primarily used by pilot officers, navy officers, and in household interiors.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1 Royal Blue decorations for the wedding venue.
  • Example 2 The Navy Blue uniform suits you very well.

Is cobalt blue darker than navy blue?

It depends on which form of navy blue we are comparing it with. Cobalt blue gives a highly vibrant and darker tone of blue compared to navy blue. In brightness conditions, royal blue has high intensity, navy blue has low intensity, and cobalt blue falls in the medium intensity variety.

What season wears navy blue?

Navy blue is frequently worn in winter. If we consider it sensibly, it is a dark shade and absorbs high heat, so it is not normally worn in summer. However, in winter, it is worn due to its lesser intensity of light and good-looking appearance. Dark, deep, or midnight navy blue is usually used in deep winter.

Do Navy Blue and Royal Blue go together?

Yes, we can join royal blue and navy blue in dressing, and jointly they create an attractive look. Royal blue is a more excellent saturated tone of blue, while navy blue gives a dark shade of blue.

What color goes best with blue?

Blue is a good-looking color that can be coordinated with various additional colors. For example, blue can be balanced with white, black, or dark blue with hot pink to make pleasing color combinations.

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What are the nail colors that go well with navy blue?

Every person has their hold preferences, but usually, people frequently choose to finish gray nail dye with a navy blue dress, or they may choose red or brown as well and pretty appearance.

More about Blue color

People use it in a professional or authoritative power. Bed sheets and pillows are the most common uses of this material. it is an official color that remains in fashion. There is a high demand for navy blue suits worldwide.

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