Thus Far vs So Far [Which is Correct?]

The expressions thus far and so far are used to describe how things have been progressing up to this point. They help us describe the progress or situation up until now. There is no difference between the two and their meanings are the same. There is a slight difference in how they are used

Thus far refers to the current situation. A synonym for thus far is up to now. Thus far refers to the progress of something. That has been completed up until a certain point. It highlights a feeling of continuity. In formal or academic settings, it is frequently used. It is a formal phrase that carries a similar meaning so far.

Key Differences Simplified

Thus far: The phrase “thus far” refers to the most recent events. It implies that the current state or outcome results from the previous steps. That’s the same as saying that’s how matters are going so far. Thus far is formal and used in academic or professional contexts.

So far: So far also means what has happened up until now. So far, carry a positive or negative meaning depending on the context. Based on the development made up until that time, it can imply satisfaction or disappointment. It has so far been used in casual writing and everyday discussions.


Thus farSo far
It is a word that was produced by fusing the terms thus and far. It translates to this way or this manner. Far in English comes from the Old English word "feorr," meaning distant or a long way. The combination of this and far create the phrase thus far.The combination of so and far words creates the phrase so far. That expresses the progress of something up until a specific point. The word so means up to a certain extent or a degree. The word far refers to the distance that has been covered or reached. It is an easy approach to measuring progress.
The meaning of thus far is the progress of something that has been accomplished up to a particular point in time. It indicates how things have been going or what has been achieved until now.The phrase so far means the progress of something until now. It indicates how things have been going. Or what has happened up until now. It is used to discuss the current status or situation of something.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1: Thus far, it emphasizes a sense of progress and continuity. Thus far examples: I have done my homework thus far, but there is still more to finish. And we have read three chapters of the storybook thus far.
  • Example 2: So far is casual and used in everyday conversations. So far, examples: There are still more cookies; have only had two so far. And we have played two games so far and are having a great time.

What is the meaning of thus far and so far?

Thus far and so far, are phrases that tell us how much has happened up to a certain point. Thus far refers to all that has occurred up to this point. So far means everything that has happened up until this moment. They both convey the same meaning. It is easier to employ in casual conversations. We can use them to discuss how far we have come thus far.

When would you use it thus far?

You can use it to discuss what happened up to this point. For instance, you could want to let your friend know how well you are doing while you are playing a game. I have scored three goals thus far. It means you have scored three goals until this point in the game.

Thus far is a way to explain what has been done or achieved up until now. It shows how far you have come or how much you have accomplished at this moment.

What are the synonyms thus far?

Synonyms of thus far include: up to now, until this moment, up to this stage, and up to this point. These words mean the same thing as thus far. But they use different combinations of words to convey the same idea. These words help us express the progress made until a certain point.

Is this formal or informal?

It is a formal word when we want to sound serious or important. We do not use it when talking with friends or family. It is not a word that we usually use in everyday conversations. It is more common in writing or formal situations like school or work.

Is thus far past tense?

Yes, thus far is indeed in the past tense. When we say thus far, we are talking about something that has already happened or how things were before now. For example, if you were telling a story about a race and said the runner was doing well thus far.

It signifies that up until that stage in the race, the runner had been performing well. Thus far, something has occurred in the past. And we make use of it to describe what had been occurring up to that time.

How do you use it thus far in a sentence?

The phrase thus far refers to the most recent events. Here are some simple sentences using thus far: We have read two chapters of the book thus far. The game score is tied 1-1 thus far. I have completed half of my puzzle thus far. We have visited two parks thus far on our trip.

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