Burgundy vs Maroon [Are They the SAME?]

Not known to most people, the red color has various mixes through which many colors can be produced, such as Maroon and Burgundy. For an untrained eye, such hues can be similar to one another. In addition, many people need clarification on both hues. Common people are mostly seen revert of confusing these names and tones most of the time.

Though both colors look identical, substantial layers in the burgundy maroon difference make them better. Maroon is a rich shade of Red that has a rich brownish under shade. On the contrary, Burgundy has a dark red shade that shows sophistication with its purple undertone. Therefore, it is widely used in luxury, elegance, and culture.

Key Differences Simplified

Burgundy is composed of red and purple. Both of the mentioned colors produce a dark red finish. Burgundy shows a distinctly purple hue. Burgundy is usually a highly brighter color than Maroon, with greater saturation. This indicates it to be a more vibrant look, whereas Maroon seems to be subdued.

Maroon is a mixture of red and brown, it gives brown undertones. Maroon gives more warmth than Burgundy, with a red tint that makes it more deep. On the other hand, Burgundy gives a cooler undertone, making it appear lighter and brighter.


Power, wealth, and prosperity.Bravery and sacrifices.
Used in bedsheets and pillow covers.Popular in restaurant interiors, logos, and menus.
It has a #800020 code.It has a #800000 code.

Usage Examples

  • Burgundy and Maroon are hot colors for clothing, home decor, and wedding dresses. Further, they are used in graphic design.
  • Burgundy is often linked with royalty, sophistication, and power. However, Maroon often symbolizes strength, determination, and control.

Are Maroon and Burgundy are same?

Both Burgundy and Maroon have primary as their best color. Primarily the distinction between these two colors is that Burgundy has a reddish-brown appearance, whereas Maroon has a brownish-red appearance. Burgundy further indicates purple in its core; meanwhile, Maroon has red in its center.

What is the difference between Maroon and Burgundy?

Maroon and Burgundy are two powerful colors. The real difference between the two colors is that Maroon is created by adding brown and red. Meanwhile, Burgundy is produced by mixing purple with Red.

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Do maroon color has any real name?

Maroon finds its name from the French word called ‘Marron’ or chestnut. Marron means brown in French. Hence, the Maroon’s real name can be Marron. Maroon, therefore, is known to have French origin.

What shade of purple is Burgundy?

Burgundy is known to have a purple shade in it. Burgundy is defined as brownish crimson or claret that is purple. However, in some ways, Burgundy can also be identified as dark red color.

Is Burgundy can be considered a cool or warm color?

In contrast to the famous belief, Burgundy is found to be a cool color. This cool nature comes from its purple under shades. Therefore, Burgundy makes its place in the category of cool colors.

More about the colors

Green is the complementary color of Maroon. This makes it especially effective in graphic design and the fashion industry. Despite this, to prepare Burgundy, Red is added with blue and a pinch of black or brown. Therefore Burgundy, compared to Maroon, has wide uses in the clothing industry. Both the colors are lovable and have vast liking among the masses. Therefore to find out which color is better, one has a lot of struggle and eventually has to depend on his choices.

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