Maroon vs Red [Difference & Examples]

Maroon and red are both colors, but they look a bit different. A deep, dark color, maroon. It can make things feel cozy and warm. In comparison, red is a bright and bold color. It can make things look exciting and full of energy.

Dark red and brown blended to create the color maroon. Maroon is a vibrant, warm, and earthy color. It can be very dark and deep, almost like purple. When you see maroon, it can make you feel cozy and like you are in a fancy place. Companies use maroon in their logos and branding. It helps them look strong and trustworthy.

Red is a bright, strong, and bold color. Red is a fundamental color. It cannot be made by mixing various colors. When you look at something red, it can make you feel excited and full of energy. You notice it because of the color. Red is often associated with hot things, like fire or the sun.

Key Differences Simplified

Maroon: Maroon is a darker color. It has a reddish tone to it. But it is deeper and less bright. It is more like a mix of red and brown.

Red: Red is a primary color associated with energy and passion. It is an eye-catching color that is vivid and bright. When you see something red, it catches your attention immediately and makes you feel excited and energetic.


Maroon is frequently described as a rich, dark red colour. The word "marron," which means chestnut in French, is the origin of the name.Red is a colour that occurs naturally in nature. Red fruits like apples and strawberries, as well as flowers and other red objects, are examples of this.
Maroon is associated with different meanings and emotions. It can represent elegance, sophistication, and richness. Maroon is also linked to feelings of warmth, comfort, and coziness.Red is a special colour that has multiple meanings. It represents strong feelings like love and anger. Red means to be careful and watch out. Red is used for happy times and parties. Red can give you strength and bravery. Red attracts attention and interest.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1: Maroon is used to make cozy blankets and warm sweaters. You see maroon-colored furniture or curtains in a cozy living room. Some people wear maroon uniforms for school or sports teams. Maroon is a popular color for autumn leaves on trees.
  • Example 2: Red is painted brightly on fire engines. So that people can identify them immediately and quickly provide help. Red balloons can make a birthday party look festive and fun. A red apple is a delicious and healthy snack to eat. Traffic lights use the color red to tell cars to stop and wait.

Is maroon and red the same color?

No, the colors red and maroon do not have the same shade. Despite having a similar appearance, these colors differ in some ways. Red is a striking and lively color, similar to the shade of a fire engine or a ripe apple.

It is a color that catches your attention quickly. The color maroon is darker. It resembles a blend of brown and red. It lacks the intensity of red. But the color is still reddish. Maroon is a darker version of red with more brown in it.

What is the difference between red and maroon?

Red is a bright and robust color. It is very noticeable and catches your attention. In comparison, maroon is a darker color and has a touch of brown. It is a richer, more vivid tone of red. While red and maroon are similar, maroon is darker and has a touch of brown in it.

Are maroon and burgundy the same?

Yes, maroon and burgundy are very similar colors. And some people use the words interchangeably for them. They both have a dark reddish-brown tone to them. Imagine maroon as a dark reddish-brown color and burgundy as a dark purple-red color. They are like cousins; they share similarities but have slight differences.

Is maroon red?

Yes, maroon is a type of red. It is like a darker shade of red. It resembles red but also contains a small amount of brown. So, you can say that maroon is a unique red color that is darker and richer.

Is burgundy a shade of red?

Yes, burgundy is a shade of red. It is a special kind of darker red with a bit of purple in it.

So, you can think of burgundy as a fancy, dark red color. Like there are different shades of blue, like light blue and dark blue, burgundy is a unique shade of red. It’s a darker and richer red color that people like.

Is maroon a warm red?

Yes, maroon is a warm kind of red. It is a cozy, deep color. Maroon is a comforting version of red. There is a little amount of brown in it.

That makes it feel warmer, just like how a warm hug feels nice. Maroon can make things look and feel warm too.

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More about the Colors

Maroon is a darker color than regular red. It is a mixture of red and brown. If you compare maroon to burgundy, they are similar. Both colors have a dark and rich appearance. Burgundy has more purple undertones. That makes it more towards the purple side than maroon. Maroon can sometimes look more purple than red. But people continue to perceive it as red. Burgundy is also a reddish color. But it is darker and more purple.

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