Indigo vs Blue [Rainbow Colours Explained]

Indigo and blue are both colors. Indigo is an intense, dark color. It is darker than blue. The color indigo has a blue and purple blending. Suppose we compare indigo to other colors. It is closest to blue. It is a darker shade of blue. In the rainbow, indigo comes between blue and purple. When you see something indigo, it looks like dark blue. Indigo comes from a plant called Indigofera. And people use it to make dye for coloring fabric.

We associate the sky and the water with the vivid color blue. When you see something blue, it looks bright and happy. Blue is regarded as a superior color. It brings calmness and peace to us. Among the primary colors, blue is one of them. A color of importance means it has a lot of meaning. Blue can mean many things, like trust and reliability. Blue comes in different shades, from light to dark.

Key Differences Simplified

Indigo: is a darker shade of blue. It is a deep blue color. The tint of indigo is similar to that of the night sky. The rainbow includes the color indigo as well. But it comes right after blue. It is like the following color after blue.

Blue: Brighter blue can be seen in the sky. Primary colors are those that belong to this family. As a result, it cannot be made by mixing different colors. The color blue is frequently linked to feelings of peace, and calm.


People discovered indigo dye from plants a very long time ago. They use specific plants to make a beautiful dark blue color. And they called it indigo.Blue is a color that we can see in the world around us. It has consistently existed on our planet. The sky and water both have that color.
Indigo is a color that is frequently linked to many meanings. It is connected to spiritual practices, wisdom and inner knowledge. The color indigo is known for its beauty and richness and is often connected with authority and high status. Indigo can also symbolize the mysterious and unknown. It is linked to the realm of imagination, dreams, and magic.Blue is a primary color. That makes us feel calm and peaceful. When things are blue, they look fantastic and lovely. Blue means trust and being reliable. Blue can also mean feeling sad when we are not feeling good. We can say we are feeling blue.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1: Indigo is an intense dark blue color in the night sky. Sky looks dark and mysterious because of this color. The indigo color is also used in dresses. As a wall color for your bedroom, it is often employed in décor. It will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for you to sleep and rest.
  • Example 2: Blue is a lighter and brighter color. It is a color that can make things look cheerful and friendly. The blue color is also used in decorations that look colorful and vibrant. It is the color of water, so it looks refreshing and cool.

What is the difference between cyan and indigo?

There is a difference between cyan and indigo. Due to their similar appearances, they can sometimes be confused. The primary distinction is that cyan contains both blue and green. In contrast, indigo is a very dark shade of blue. Cyan is brighter and more vibrant. In contrast, indigo is more profound and darker.

Is indigo, like dark blue?

Yes, indigo and dark blue are comparable. It has a rich, deep tone of blue. Due to their similar appearances, dark blue and indigo can occasionally be hard to distinguish from one another. Indigo is like a darker version of blue, like the night sky darker than the sky during the day. So, Indigo is an extremely deep blue color.

Which color is called indigo?

A deep, dark shade of blue is a common way to describe the color indigo. It adopts the indigo dye’s name. That was historically used to produce this color. On the color wheel, indigo is situated between violet and blue. It is a rich, purplish-blue color often associated with depth and darkness. People describe it as a color resembling the night sky before it becomes completely dark.

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Why is blue called indigo?

Blue is not called indigo. But there is a color called indigo that is similar to blue. Indigo is a visible bright color that lies between blue and purple in the color wheel. So it is referred to as a shade of blue or a dark blue. The color indigo gets its name from the plant called Indigofera tinctoria. People used this plant to make a deep blue dye. And the color of the dye became known as indigo.

Why is indigo not blue?

Indigo is a type of blue color. It is a shade of blue that is darker and has a touch of purple. Its particular darkness and hint of purple set indigo apart from other shades of blue. It is in the color wheel between blue and violet.

Is indigo the only natural blue?

No, indigo is not the only natural source of blue color. There are other natural sources of blue pigments as well. For example, some flowers produce blue pigments, such as the blue cornflower or the blue iris. Some minerals and gemstones, like lapis lazuli or azurite, have natural blue hues. Nature provides a variety of sources for blue color. Each has its unique shade and characteristics.

More about Colors

Scrubs, which are the clothes that doctors and nurses wear. There are different shades of blue. Indigo and navy blue are two of the colors. Navy blue is darker than indigo. The color code for indigo blue is represented as #4B0082. This code helps to describe the color in a specific way. You can use indigo blue code in a computer program or design

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