Lavender vs Periwinkle [Difference Explained]

People mainly love it because of its beautiful color. let me inform you regarding these colors. Lavender is an evergreen plant-like color with silver-green and purple color colors like pink and blue, rose. Lavender has a less blue quality compared to Periwinkle. On the other hand, periwinkle is one more flowering plant color that remains evergreen with dark green, but its color is purple.

Both types of colors do well healthy in environments Periwinkle color is universal and can be balanced with any combination. Collectively we considered Periwinkle Is an element of blue Lavender is soft and paler purple

Key Differences Simplified

Lavender: color is a pale, light purple shade with a small blue suggestion. It is often described as a soft, fine, and calming color similar to the color of the lavender flower.

Periwinkle: There is a hint of purple in the periwinkle color. It has a cooler excellence compared to lavender and is often associated with a bluish-purple tone. Periwinkle can differ in strength, ranging from light periwinkle to a deeper, more saturated shade.


bluish purpleless blue
worldwideNot by many
Serenity, calmness, winterPurity, devotion, silence

Usage Examples

  • In bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, lavender is calming, soothing, and warming.
  • For all things related to childhood and childlike qualities, periwinkle is a wonderful color to use.

Why is periwinkle the best color?

Periwinkle is the best because it represents calm, peace, and the winter season. It is a symbol of long-term friendship and loving memories. Love is also symbolized by it. When joined with other colors or in shades of blue, it exudes a stronger appearance

Does Periwinkle look good on everyone?

Periwinkle color is universal and can be balanced with any combination. People who understand colors can easily understand them in their designs. It is universal in its application and comes in a selection of shades, including light, average, soft cool, and soft warm tones.

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What Is The Difference Between Periwinkle And Lavender?

The main dissimilarity between the two is that lavender has a less blue quality compared to Periwinkle. whereas you can explain Periwinkle as being purple, you can also say it has a shade of blue. It has a bluish-purple, whereas lavender has a shade of purple.

What season wears periwinkle?

People mostly like better to choose Periwinkle in the spring period rather than throughout winter or summer.

Periwinkle – acrylic color mixing Video

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