Hot vs Pretty [Which is a Better?]

When we talk about beauty, there are all sorts of standards and preferences. A person will have interest in a specific quality or type and this creates a border between hot and pretty. When a girl is called pretty, it usually means that she has a cute face and a soft personality. 

Guys usually find girls pretty whom they admire and feel affectionate towards but when it comes to physical attraction, they use the word ‘hot’ to describe it. However, the main difference between hot and pretty is a partition between lust and admiration. 

Being called hot does not necessarily mean that it’s only lusty, you can also call your soulmate these words to express your interest in them. While using the word pretty is appropriate and sweet in public when showing affection to your partner.

Being called hot or pretty whether it’s a guy or a girl, doesn’t have any competition as they both have different meanings. However, being called hot is seen more as a compliment if it’s coming from the opposite gender. 

Key Differences Simplified

Pretty: It means something or someone is beautiful or visually pleasing.

Hot: Meanwhile a guy who gets complimented for his body, charisma, and style is considered hot.


Hot means something or someone is sexually attractive.The word pretty comes from an old word called "prættig" in English. It meant being clever, smart, or good at something. It also started to mean being elegant or pleasant in the middle years. As time passed, it started to mean being beautiful and attractive, which is what it means now.

Usage Examples

  • Example 1: Hot means something or someone is sexually attractive.
  • Example 2: Emma looked so pretty in her elegant evening gown.

What is the difference from a girl’s perspective? 

A pretty girl gets called that when she has a beautiful face, a girly personality, and Shyness.

A hot girl gets called that when she seems to be physically appealing, and has a highly attractive body. She is sexually welcoming.  

Is pretty a better compliment than hot?

Being called pretty means that you’re being appreciated for your physical and internal beauty and it doesn’t focus only on the body parts which is shallow. So pretty is probably a better compliment if you prefer a meaningful relationship. 

What is the meaning of the word hot?

The phrase pretty hot meaning is to describe someone as an attractive or physically appealing person. And the question is frequently asked, is it better to be called pretty or hot? The answer is that it depends on the feelings of that person towards you. Being called pretty and hot both are equal compliments unless you have any personal preference. 

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