QHD vs 4K in 2024 [Which is Better?]

Technological advancements are increasing day by day. Modern displays are becoming more commonly equipped with big screen sizes and high resolutions. Differentiating between standard and high-resolution displays can be confusing for many people. 4K and QHD resolutions are very popular, and it is important to know which display is the finest, especially for TVs. QHD stands for Quad High Definition, it has a resolution of 2560×1440.

It provides excellent clarity and offers better quality than 1080p displays. On the other hand, 4K stands for kilo (1000) resolution and has a resolution power of 3840×2160, which is considerably better. It is four times improved than 1080p displays and offers outstanding clarity.

As far as visual quality is concerned, 4K wins. 4K displays offer a realistic viewing experience that is truly charming. So 4K displays do extremely well over QHD displays, providing a better and more immersive visual experience than QHD.

Key Differences Simplified

QHD: The major diversity between QHD and 4K displays lies in their pixel density and screen size. QHD has poor resolution due to higher pixel density compared to 4K. There are pixels on each screen, which is referred to as pixel density. Because of the lower resolution, QHD packs more pixels into a smaller space, resulting in higher PPI (pixels per inch) and more detail in the image.

4K: On the other hand, 4K has lesser pixel density compared to QHD because its big pixels take up more space. When comparing the two in terms of image quality, 4K displays have a lower pixel density compared to QHD. But, if we think about resolution, 4K displays excel better than QHD displays, especially for larger screens.


In August 2013, LG announce the opening of QHD (Quad High Definition) display with a size of 5.5 inches. This display was at first used by LG. but, afterwards in October 2013, Vivo also announced the addition of QHD displays in their smart phones.YouTube first announced 4K resolution in 2010, allow users to upload and outlook videos in 4K quality. As an outcome, 4K cameras were developed, enable users to capture and watch videos in 4K resolution by select the "Original" quality setting.

Usage Examples

QHD resolution is mostly used in laptops and smartphones because it is excellent and suitable for little screens. On the other hand, 4K resolution is often used in big screens, such as LG big TV S

Is there a big difference between QHD and 4K?

If we look at it, there is a major difference between the two. 4K resolution has twice the resolution compared to QHD, with a resolution of around 3840×2160. It is eight times higher than the standard HD displays. When given the difference, 4K is two times larger, which is a unique factor.

Is QHD or 4K better for gaming monitors?

QHD provides us with a great gaming experience due to its high resolution. Games come into view as more detailed, with good color contrast and smooth performance. QHD enhances the sharpness, color, and smoothness of games, resulting in a good gaming experience. On the other hand, 4K gaming holds a different position.

With its high pixel density, 4K gaming offers an outstanding gaming experience. The special effects and details in 4K gaming are truly remarkable.

Does 4K make a difference for office work?

4K monitors are considering the best choice for office work, especially when it comes to reading tiny text. They can be a game-changer for odd jobs like working on spreadsheets or documents throughout the day.

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