OLED vs AMOLED in 2024 [Which is Better?]

When buying a smartphone there are various things that we consider. One of them is display technology. But have you wondered what display technology is the best and why is it? No? So let’s find out. Most smartphones are made up of these display technologies. As the smartphone industry is growing day and night. Many manufacturers are now striving to produce incomparable features.

Both are the two most commonly used display technologies in electronic devices. However, they are used for better screen displays. They differ in a lot of things. Oled creates digital displays on smartphones and many other devices such as smartphones, television, and computers.

It was launched in 1987. Hence it lacks improved technology. In addition to this, it has limited flexibility and consumes more energy. The one thing that it tops is it’s cheaper than AMOLED. Amoled display was launched recently.

Amoled display benefits have all the latest features including a more vibrant Chroma, consumes less energy, and is greatly flexible. Amoled burn-in appears in some of the devices. But Amoled has such high-quality features which makes it slightly more expensive than Oled.

Key Differences Simplified

AMOLED displays are thinner in shape and produce more pleasant colors than OLED. Which is better for eyes than AMOLED wins the game. Amoled display colors are also well-liked for consuming less energy than OLEDs.

OLEDs have lesser features and are thus cheaper to produce. Meanwhile, the Amoled use the latest technology and thus has higher cost production. They are majorly different in technology. So if we consider oled vs led technology we come to know that AMOLED uses thin film transistor layers.

This enhances the flexibility of light. Whereas OLED displays use organic substances that emit light when current flows through them.


It was invented in 2006 and uses latest technology of capacitors.It was introduced in 1987 and do not has any latest display technology features.
Amoled is widely being used in smartphones and electronic devices today due to its vast flexibility, lively colors and less energy use.Oled is not being used in smartphones these days because of its more power consumption and lack of advanced technology.

Usage Examples

  • Many mobile devices from various brands are using AMOLED displays in smartphones.
  • Many mobile devices also use OLED displays.

Do AMOLED and OLED are same?

Amoled and OLED are two different display technologies. Oled uses organic compounds to produce thin film displays. Amoled full-form active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. Therefore, Amoled prefers the use of capacitors to address the pixels

Is Amoled better for eyes than Oled?

Yes AMOLED is considerably good for eyes as it reduces the blue light. These blue lights are considered harmful to your eyes. Which is better on mobile, AMOLED wins the battle.

Has the AMOLED screen ever worn out?

AMOLED screens have a lot of benefits. However, there can be one or two cons as well. It might be worn out with time producing slightly fuzzy displays and low resolution. In some cases, some users may have experienced burn-in due to AMOLED tv screens.

Which is better when we compare P OLED and AMOLED?

The P in POLED indicates the use of a plastic substance, while the AM in AMOLED means Active Matrix. Thus P OLED displays have better flexibility due to the plastic substrate. Moreover, all modern OLED displays might also use a plastic substrate and active matrix nowadays.

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