Travesty vs Tragedy [Difference Explained]

Travesty vs Tragedy are similar, but they are not the same thing. Many people use the word travesty when it means tragedy, although no one is wrong the other way around. Both of these words have negative vibes or meanings.

They are often used to describe a bad, negative or depressing situation. Both words have an initial script. Tragedy comes from the Latin tragõidia and refers to the beginning of a play with an unhappy ending. Travesty was originally referred to as an intentional parody of a page that intentionally mocks a particular work or genre.

Key differences simplified

Travesty: Travesty is a duplicate of something that is usually done intentionally. This is used in concepts and words, such as justice or peace. The travesty of justice will be a terrible example, and it will make those who see it sad or angry.

Tragedy: A tragedy is a situation or event that causes great sadness, harm, or destruction. This word is also used to describe the type of movie that is particularly sad or has a miserable or sorrowful ending.


Travesty  Tragedy
A travesty is a cheap act like bashing others, usually of something or someone bad, such as perverting justice. The tragedy is a sort of drama that relies upon human suffering that invites catharsis or enjoyment from the audience.
Origin: Italian Origin: Latin


  • Example 1: We went to an international trial where were found guilty of a travesty and sentenced to seven years in prison with an additional three years for my colleague Mohamed Ali for possessing one souvenir cover.
  • Example 2: Survivors and the blood relatives of the survivors and the authorities celebrated on Sunday the 12th anniversary of the tragedy at the football stadium in which 45 people died in the violence of the fans in the 1995 American Cup final between Australia and Canada.

Other Similar Terms

What is the difference between Travesty and Tragedy? 

A film or similar work, in which the main character is damaged or greatly affected by a serious flaw or character weakness is explained as a tragedy. While on the other hand, the difference between travesty and tragedy is that travesty is a misrepresentation.

It is an activity that is ridiculous and absurdly imitates another activity or style. But you can also use this word to describe anything that seems to mock or bash someone.

Why Is it obvious that tragedies always end in death? 

Travesty What you may think it means: a tragedy, an unfortunate event What it means: a mockery; a parody

A tragedy is either an event that causes sadness or travesty, and tragedy is a type of story that deals with bad endings and bad things. Tragedy has a heartbreaking ending. Although most bad news ends in death, bad news does not always end in death.

What impact does it leave on people when there is any tragic ending? 

It leaves a very strong impact on the people. As mostly these types of stories end in chaos or destruction. However, in most cases, the main character accepts the fact that he made a mistake and caused a lot of sadness throughout the story. This is often called self-awareness. A great leader knows what he has and his flaws are great.

How common are these words used in our daily routine? 

You can use these words in many places today, but their meanings are still closely related to their mysterious origins. The tragedy today can be anything negative or tragic, and travesty is bashing, humiliating, or mocking someone.

How was travesty famous in the Greek era? 

Very popular were the Greeks, who made plays about influential people living a happy life. In the travesty of Greek plays, famous people had difficulties and became poor. The Greek concept helps us better understand what travesty origin is. These problems and challenges to overcome came from other people, circumstances, or things.

However on the other hand these obstacles come within the character, that is from their thoughts or feelings. If a great event provides a challenge for the character, the sign is written in the story as a change of fortune, which can be considered a change of luck.

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