Muay Thai vs Kickboxing [Which is Better?]

Many people mistake Muay Thai kickboxing for one, yet there are significant differences between the two. There are common tactics used in both sports, but how those techniques are used may vary greatly from one fighter to the next and from one discipline to the next.

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a fighting activity that originated in Bangkok and takes utilization of stand-up punching in addition to numerous gripping methods; kicking, on the contrary extreme, is any activity that incorporates the application of feet and hands in a complete engagement setting. Many of the methods utilized in both Muay Thai and kicking instruction are highly similar, giving the impression that the two combat sports are extremely similar.

This makes sense, but it ignores several significant distinctions. Muay Thai is an eight-point fighting method that includes not just kicking and jabs but also forearms, legs, and the “complete” clinch, whereas kickboxing is a four-point fighting style that simply uses these two. The description of muay Thai and kickboxing for fitness is classified in this article.

Key Differences Simplified

Muay Thai: A fighting activity that includes kick, jabs, knee attack, and elbow as well

Kickboxing: A fighting activity that includes kicks and jabs only 


Muay Thai  Kickboxing 
8 points strike 4 points strike
Originated by an early dynasty in Thailand Originated in Japan
Fighting activity involving every body part Fighting activity involving kicks and fist

Usage Examples

  • Example no1  Andrew Tate is a famous Muay Thai fighter and had won the world championship back in 2019
  • Example no2 Jake paul also known as the Paul brothers is a famous kickboxer and currently living his prime years in the industry

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Which is better: Muay Thai or kickboxing?

Because Muay Thai also makes use of the grip, forearm punches, and shin attacks, it is frequently considered a more comprehensive martial art than kickboxing. But there are still many benefits to learning both styles of martial arts.

To a greater extent, Muay Thai is a scheduled activity that places a premium on swift and forceful defensive positions. Kickboxers rely on a flurry of combinations, although Muay Thai practitioners choose well-placed solitary weaponry.

Kicks in Muay Thai are typically accomplished by twisting the pelvis and uniting them to the lower leg (the tibia), while kicks in other kinds of kickboxing are typically performed by snapping the kneecap and attaching it to the feet. The usage of gloves affects the counterattack widely.

Can Muay Thai fighters compete in kickboxing?

Choosing either muay Thai vs kickboxing which is better can’t be wise. Kickboxing, in contrast to Muay Thai, has strict time limits and bans gripping and elbows, all of which are permitted in the Thai style. Since kickboxing places a premium on hitting, it is not a good match for competitors like Muangthai who depend on clutch and wrist technique.

Kickboxing takes its cues from boxing and makes use of arms, degrees, and/or mobility in conjunction with high-volume combinations, while Muay Thai is somewhat of a scheduled discipline that places a premium on rapid, forceful counter-attacks. Counterpunchers use a plethora of combinations in their fights.

Is Muay Thai safer than kickboxing?

According to muay Thai and kickboxing Reddit out of the four boxing styles listed, Muay Thai has by far the greatest accident incidence. It’s not that the artwork itself is particularly dangerous, but rather that it’s designed to be so. The majority of these mishaps happen in Bangkok, yet Muay Thai is really as risk-free as Dutch Kickboxing anywhere else.

A Thai who gained attention in the late 1980s from the general population and certain powerful figures. 5 It was during a bout versus one of the best American kickboxers of the era, in which he showed remarkable tenacity.

Can you street fight with Muay Thai or kickboxing?

For the people who ask is which to go for a street fight. In both its aggressive and preventive modalities, Muay Thai prepares its practitioners to grip their adversaries’ arms and throats, a tactic that is very useful in a real-world setting.

All these Muay Thai and kickboxing are highly tactical combat sports that emphasize the movement, settings, and various tactics necessary to both avoid and strike punches. In a comparable vein, a number of the basic methods learned in Muay Thai are comparable to those learned in kickboxing.

Such games include the use of highly refined hitting techniques that have been repeatedly shown to be successful at the greatest stages of competitiveness.

Is Muay Thai superior to boxing?

A boxer’s defense is superior to a Muay Thai’s because boxers have more practice dodging strikes. They often have superior movement and punching strength.

What moves are illegal in kickboxing?

As long as they avoid the groin, boxers and wrestlers are free to throw punches, elbows, and legs. You can’t use your elbows. No sweeping or throwing allowed.

What kind of body does Muay Thai give you?

Muay Thai is an all-around recreational activity that improves health and fitness in every area. You’ll look like a well-conditioned sportsman after a few weeks of doing this since it strengthens your muscles, cuts your midsection to reveal a flat tummy, and shrinks your skin.

What is easier to learn: Muay Thai or kickboxing?

Although Muay Thai is the more traditional style, many more people may participate in kickboxing because of its simpler rules and techniques. Muay Thai is a highly comprehensive form of martial arts, requiring gripping as well as the employment of knees and forearms, rendering its techniques and concentration extremely challenging to master for newcomers.

For those asking muay Thai vs kickboxing which is better, this article serves the best reply.

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