Flavor vs Flavour [Which is Correct?]

The only difference between flavour and flavour is in the wording of the term. Flavor is the form that is most often used in the United States, whereas flavour is the one that is most commonly used in the remainder of the British world. Flavor may refer to perhaps the perceptual experience of tasting or fragrance, or it can refer to a flavouring component in cuisine that provides such an experience.

In the United States, we use the term “flavour,” but in the United Kingdom, we use the form “flavour.” The sole distinction is that while the word flavour is utilized across the majority of the language continent, however in the United States, the word flavour is used.

It is very uncommon for an American phrase to finish with the letter -or, but its British counterpart will have the ending -our. There is some agreement between the definitions of the two. Flavor’s meaning doesn’t vary in other language terms but carries the same meaning.

Key Differences Simplified 

Flavour: The term used for defining the taste of an item, the spelling is used by the people of the USA

Flavor: same meaning with a bit of changing in the letters and is particularly used by everyone except the people of the USA


Flavour  Flavor 
USA used the term for the explanation of the taste of food or scent Non-USA used terms with different spells and same meaning
Originated by the people of the USA Originated by the people of the UK
Expressing the taste of something Expressing the taste of something

Usage Examples

  • Example no1 how’s the flavour of your coffee
  • Example no2 what flavor scent do you mostly prefer

Other Similar Terms

Is the flavour American or British?


The term flavour with the addition of “U” in the spelling is the term used by the people of America. There always has been a major conflict between the people on the internet and their argument over the correct spell of this term.

To be very precise and clear the flavor flavour difference is only the addition of one letter and that doesn’t affect the meaning of the term. People on Reddit have created several forums where they discuss and point out on the people using different spelling for the same word and how most of them bring changes to the pronunciation.

Which spelling is correct flavor or flavour?

Either “flavour” or “flavor” are words that come from the English language. People in the Western States tend to use the word “flavour” more often than the word “flavour” (98 to 2). The word “flavour” is preferred above the word “flavor” by 79 percentage points to only 21 in Great Britain. There is a tendency for the word “flavour” above the word “flavour” in Pakistan by a margin of 81 to 21.

There was a time when in schools marks were deducted for the usage of different spellings of this term but after it became official then people started using any one of their choices. Many people call flavour plural as a flavor but that is eventually wrong.

Do Canadians say flavor or flavour?

Terms that finish in a moderate reaction “-our” in English and Canadian such as “honor,” “color,” “flavor,” and “armor” are often spelt lacking the “u” in American vernacular such as “honour” “flavour,” and “armor,” respectively.

Nonetheless, the Plains regions of Ontario tend to emulate the lead of the United States in this regard. Due to the increase in tourism in Canada, many new words are brought in which led to changes in the spelling of different words, especially the letter U was deduced from most of the words.

Does flavour mean taste?

To put this another way, flavour is anything that our brain evaluates based on the whole sensation of fragrance, tasting, and mouthfeel. A person’s sweet taste and aromatic organs work together to create flavour. Taste is a more narrow concept compared to flavour.

Every individual will have a substantially unique experience when it comes to perceiving the flavour. Either it can be sweet, very sweet, sour, or tasteless anymore.

Is Lemon a flavor?

Lemons have an intense flavour that is similar to that of a sharp, acidic, and bitter aftertaste.

Is flavour or flavor countable or uncountable?

Uncountable, The way anything smells may be defined as its flavour. Not a fan of this munchie’s flavour. I’d rather have some sugar. As a noun, “flavour” refers to something which gives cuisine its distinctive flavour. As per the dictionary flavour vs flavor you might not find any information.

What part of speech are flavors?

This cherry pie has a wonderful taste. As a noun, we may say that the dessert had some flavouring applied to it.

How do you describe many Flavours?

Flavorful, definitely packed with flavour; alternatively, one might use flavoursome, delicious, tangy, appetizing, appealing, savory, pleasant, or if one wanted to experiment with less common adjectives, sapid or saporous. It will indeed not lack any flavour or taste at all.

Taste vs Flavour: Your taste buds don’t do what you think!

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